Cancer - what is it?

In order to deal with a problem we must, perforce, first know what it is. Doesn’t this make sense?

We can look at the effects of a problem for as long as we like but until we make the effort to see what lies under them we are never going to solve the problem are we?

If your truck won’t start because the fuel line is broken, even the most expensive improvements in and additives to the fuel are not going to make your engine run are they? This is, in fact, quite a good analogy; fantastically expensive “additives” (chemo-“therapy”, radioactive burning, etc.) do absolutely nothing helpful (and very frequently kill the patient as well). The prime cause of cancers lies in the food which you eat!
Malnutrition not only plays a major role in the creation of cancer, it is also the prime cause of obesity, heart attacks, diabetes, arthritis and a vast plethora of other very, very, common ailments.

It is beneficial to us to look at how this happens.

If your diet is both deficient in many essential nutrients and also contains significant amounts of substances toxic to us it should then be obvious that there are going to be problems. The enormous rise in degenerative diseases (this means, literally, “the body is falling to pieces!”) over the last hundred years parallels exactly the denaturing of many foodstuffs by ever more processing and the addition of toxins to prolong “shelf life”, i.e. delay the time when it is so obviously rotten that you wouldn’t even touch it let alone eat it. The large scale appearance of geriatric diseases in teenagers during the last 15 years as foodstuffs have been further denatured demonstrates the acceleration of this trend.

The human body is very durable and is capable of coping with very adverse conditions – for a time! In the state of chronic malnutrition whereby also the natural detoxification systems (urine, stool, sweat, out-breath) will be greatly weakened, your body can use one (or more) of a set of emergency methods to keep you alive.
This might be the arthritis group (click here for more details), the so called “neuro-dermatitis”

Some people have the necessary genetic data to enable them to do something very wonderful in order to keep them alive – they can build cancers!

Human metabolic wastes are a natural part of this planet’s recycling system. The urine and stool which you eject from your body are the foodstuffs for myriad microorganisms in the soil which convert them to nutrients.

Some people have the ability to create plant-like cells within their bodies to carry out this recycling process on the toxins which should have been ejected. This is what we call cancer!
A cancer is, in itself, not only completely harmless but, for a time, will even save your life!
Problems begin only when you don’t take note of what your body is telling you, don’t take appropriate action to resolve the real problem and, thereby, force your body to keep the cancers growing. At some point, the cancers will become so big that they begin to interfere with the functions of your other organ systems. It is this and not the cancers themselves which can kill!


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