"Cancer? So what?" - The Book

The book, "Cancer? So what?" by Karma Singh is the result of over 15 years professional practise dealing with a great many so called "incurable diseases" (there are none!).

Karma Singh and colleagues developed a five part program to remove the causational factors for cancer which, naturally, will then cause your body to remove the cancers themselves because it will no longer have any need for them.

Some of the techniques in the book have, themselves, success rates approaching 90%. The combination has never been known to fail other than in cases where the patient was brought to these techniques simply much too late when allopathic medicine had already caused severe bodily and mental damage and then abandoned the patient.

There are two versions of the book available:- with and without a personal online consultation with Karma Singh.


There is also an audio file which comes with the book and which you can easily transfer to a CD or MP3 stick to listen to in your car, on your hi-fi etc.

As, often, the biggest obstacle to clearing cancer is the fear generated by the medical fraternity, I have included with the written book the dynamic fear dissolver mantrum from the ancient Vedic knowledge which I brought back with me from one of my trips into the Himalayas.

There is no additional charge for this; it is included in the package.

There are four different editions of the book available dependent upon where you live. Each version contains local contact information appropriate to your region. These are:

  • N. America
  • United Kingdom
  • Australasia
  • Germany / Austria / Switzerland

Please check carefully on the order selection page that you have correctly chosen your country and whether you also wish a personal consultation.

The prices are:

N. America book and audio files   $33.97
N. America with personal consultation  $58.97

UK book and audio file  £19.97
UK with personal consultation  £39.97

Australasia book and audio file €24.97
Australasia with personal consultation  €54.97

German book and audio file  €24.97
German book with personal consultation



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