Sunday 13th August


Karma Singh will give a talk on the origins of cancer and non-medical ways of dealing with it.

The approximate programme is:

1. What is cancer? A disease or a solution for one?
2. No-one has ever died of cancer!
3. Natural recycling systems and how problems with this can lead to cancers
4. Why, 120 years ago, cancer was extremely rare but has now become a plague
5. Tea/Coffee break
6. All cancers have at least two causes
7. Chronic acidity
8. Architectural problems
9. Denatured foodstuffs and microwave ovens
10. Lunch
11. Why attacking the symptom could never work
12. What does work and why
13. Detoxification methods to use at home
14. Table of effectiveness
15. Tea/coffee break
16. Specific cancers - causes and suggested methods; an open forum for all participants

All participants will receive a free copy of the E-book “Cancer? So what?” from Karma Singh.

Georgie Porgie Restaurant
1, Alexandra Road
(corner of Damers Road, next to Dorchester West railway station)

Doors open 10.00 a.m.
Start 10.30
End, approx 4.30 p.m.

Registration by Email to
or call Brian Mayor on 07770-308476 or Karma Singh directly on 07746-423296


Should one really be afraid of Cancer?

Bob J., a resident of Bovington, was diagnosed with prostate cancer early last year. Having heard how cruel normal medical treatment can be and what long-term damage to his body could result, he was, understandably, reluctant to submit himself to it.

Fortunately for Bob, he didn’t keep his problem to himself but discussed it with a close friend, Brian M.. Brian has had close contact with one of Europe’s leading researchers in this field for some years. Although he works mostly in Germany, on a visit to Brian last year, he was introduced to Bob.

He, a Yorkshireman by the name of Karma Singh, then explained to Bob exactly where cancers come from and suggested ways in which Bob could, himself, remove the causes of his cancer.

Although he rejected all medical treatment and, instead, followed Karma Singh’s advice, he did go for occasional check-ups to see how things were progressing. At his last test, a few months ago, no trace of cancer could be found in his body!

Knowing that his family doctor had many similar cases on her books for which she could see no hope, Bob asked Karma Singh if he would be willing to come to Dorchester and to give a talk on modern ways of dealing with cancer; knowledge which, for some reason, has not yet reached most practitioners of conventional medicine.

On Sunday 13th August, Bob and Brian invite all interested men and women to come and listen to what Karma Singh has to say.
The venue is the new Georgie Porgie Restaurant next to Dorchester railway station.
Doors open at 10.00 a.m. and the talk begins at 10.30. With two tea/coffee pauses and a lunch break, the talk is scheduled to end at about 4 p.m. following which Karma Singh will answer personal questions.

The cost is £25.00 per person including tea/coffee and biscuits. Lunch will also be available to order.

Please register, by email if possible at
or by ‘phone to Brian Mayor 07770-308476 or directly with Karma on 07746-423296. 



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