When you have a burst pipe, do you try to wrap sticky tape around it or do you turn the water off?

This may seem to be unconnected with cancer but it does, in fact, demonstrate why cancer has become such a large problem.
You see,

Cancer is a very easy thing to heal


Cancer is a very difficult thing to cure.

There is a difference.

Cancer, you see, is a totally natural phenomenon. There is nothing here to fear but there is a need to take constructive action. This, for the most part, does not include medical treatment. Medicine is not an appropriate technique for dealing with cancer. This should be obvious from its very poor performance. There are, however, many well established techniques which have success rates of up to 90% and more. 

This book from Karma Singh

"Cancer? So What?"

is not only a detailed explanation of exactly what cancer is, where it comes from and how it happens it also contains full details of the programme developed over 24 years practise and which has a success rate which I am forbidden in many countries to publish (it's very high, though).

The book also contains current links to organisations offering the necessary facilities to get the help which you need, i.e. the help which works!

In short, everything that the medico-pharma industry doesn't want you to know is here! 
The online version of the book will be updated automatically as new techniques presently being studied become available. All purchasers of the book will receive lifetime free updates as they happen as well as the free Harmony Energy and Karma Singh newsletters unless you choose to unsubscribe, which you may do at any time with a single click.

It is not alone for this reason that I have finally put all this knowledge together in one place. The tremendous suffering and death toll created by inappropriate techniques is a thing which it behoves everyone to end. This is my contribution to this goal.

When ordering, please note that there are eight versions (different editions with location based content); full details are on "The Book" page.



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