Cancer is not an illness.
It is a SYMPTOM of an illness!!!

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Karma Singh
There are two classes of people on this planet who believe in effects without causes:

1) Cosmologists believe in the "Big Bang" as the origin of the universe. A bang, however, is an effect of something else and not a cause! 

2) Conventional (allopathic) medical practitioners believe that illnesses appear as an unknowable expression of a malevolent universe, i.e. some sort of  "black magic or voodoo" makes you ill and medicine is there to suppress the effects because the causes cannot be either known or changed.


Always you will find in conventional medicine that one of the symptoms is defined as the cause of the other symptoms. This, of course, creates nothing other than a spiralling merry-go-round of ever rising costs and suffering.

Cancer is no exception to this and the whole of medical practise is dedicated to attacking this one symptom - more often than not resulting in forcing your body to build other tumours elsewhere; the so called "metastasis".

If, instead of cutting, burning and injecting chemical weapons into a cancer sufferer and causing, thereby, tremendous damage to the rest of your body one were to search for the causes of the cancer and remove those then your body will rapidly and naturally heal itself.

Is this really such a strange idea? Isnít it something that your body does all the time?

A close relative of the cancer tumour is the pimple. When your body has finished ejecting toxins through your skin, it will heal up and the pimple disappears without trace doesnít it? There is no reason whatsoever why a cancer tumour should not do exactly the same. Indeed, those who practise the techniques of identifying and removing the CAUSES of the cancer rather than attacking the effects experience daily that this is exactly what happens!

The vast majority of the methods effective in removing the causes of cancer are so simple that almost anyone can do them at home. You just have to know how; thatís what this book is about.


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